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Sant Mat Mysticism

Music Review: Donna De Lory - The Lover and the Beloved
by James Bean
Copyright January 2006

The Lover and the Beloved
Genres: World Music, Krishna Consciousness, Indian Chant
Artist: Donna De Lory
Label: Ajna Music - http://www.ajnamusic.com
Sample Songs: http://www.myspace.com/donnadelory

     Donna De Lory: "I learned my first chant, Gananpati Om, six years ago at a friend and fellow musician, Dave Stringer's house. Saying those ancient words over and over again felt new and familiar at the same time. It was also that night that I first discovered the Harmonium and fell in love with it's droning sounds. I'd sing with Dave's Kirtan band in yoga centers and feel the power and peace of chanting mantra. More and more I began to incorporate chants into my pop songs while performing live. Early this year, a version of Govinda Jaya Jaya I had recorded for my devotional CD "In The Glow" fell into Ajna Music's hands and they asked me to make an entire album of mantra. Making this CD was the perfect opportunity for me to further explore the transcendent and meditative power of music."

     The two versions of the title track, The Lover and the Beloved, as well as Gananpati Om, and, Hare Krishna, are very dynamic expressions of worship done in a more contemporary style. Other tracks are quite haunting with soaring etheric vocals, such as, Samba Sadashiva, and, He Ma Durga. I'm very impressed with this album and listen to it often.