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Sant Mat Mysticism

Music Review: Global Fusion - The Best of Emam and Friends
by James Bean
Copyright October 2005

Global Fusion - The Best of Emam and Friends
Genres: East-West Fusion, India, World Peace Through World Music
Artists: Emam, Matthew Montfort (of Ancient Future), and dozens more musicians from the Eternal Music label
Label: Eternal Music - http://www.eternalmusic.com

     Global Fusion - The Best of Emam and Friends is truly an electrifying album of world fusion music very much in the tradition of Ancient Future, Oregon, and the DOAH World Music Ensemble. What an impressive collection of tracks! and world musical instruments such as: tablas, dumbak, ghatam, oud, sitar, sarod, oboe, mandocello, cello, bansuri, along with bass, sax, electric guitar, and, on some tracks: vocals. Here emerges an Earthmusic without borders, melding together Indian, Persian, Turkish, Middle eastern, Balinese, Spanish and Eastern European sounds. This ensemble is a virtual United Nations of world rhythms - a feast for the ears, illustrating the label's theme of "World Peace Through World Music."