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Sant Mat Mysticism

Music Review: Vocal Toning the Chakras
by James Bean
Copyright January 2006

Vocal Toning the Chakras
Genres: Sound Healing, Holistic Health, Workshops, The Spoken Word
Speaker: Jonathan Goldman
Label: True Sound - http://www.soundstrue.com, Sound Healers Association Website - http://www.soundhealersassociation.org

     Music for healing - the power of sound - is the theme of my compact discussions this month.

     When I first met Jonathan Goldman a few years back, he was running an organization called, "The New England Sound Healers," and it's now known as the, "Sound Healers Association." Goldman defines his practice in the following way: "Sound Healing, as the name implies, is the use of sound to create balance and alignment in: the physical body, the energy centers called 'chakras', and/or the etheric fields. The sound may be applied by an instrument or by the human voice. Sound Healing is a vibrational therapy and can be understand as being energy medicine."

     This new double disc set distributed by the Sounds True label represents a wonderful two-hour workshop on turning your voice into a healing force. At first, Goldman describes the philosophical foundation for his teachings on sound: how that according to all the major world religions the universe came into being through the energy of the divine sound, or Nada Brahma. Then, there is the experiential part of the recording, during which, the listener learns how to work with vowel-chant and tone the chakras of the human body. This recording serves as a wonderful introduction to the healing modality known as Sound Healing.